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Auckland based company, Seetal, is a one-stop-shop for manufacture, servicing and certification of spraybooths, tint/mix rooms and preparation bays.
Seetal is celebrating 20 years of manufacturing in New Zealand, with Seetal Australia nearing it's 40 year mark.
Terry Blake, Seetal's New Zealand owner has been involved with the company since it began manufacturing and has an in depth knowledge of the industry.
Not only are the end products certified, there ere also certifications for individual components e.g. fans, lighting systems and control cubical systems that are certified for hazardous areas.
Terry has been an active-participant member of joint standards committees relating to spraybooths and has been actively sought by regulators and industry as a specialist.
For the last five years Seetal has been developing it's compliance testing service and for the past three years has had a
Terry is a qualified coach painter, IQP inspector, gas service technician and recently approved ERMA location and handler test certifier specializing in spray-painting facilities.
Seetal employs full-time service and certification technicians, registered electrical inspectors, manufacturing staff and full-time, dedicated installers. According to Terry, Seetal staff are highly skilled and extremely professional.
The companies philosophy is that they set the bench mark: Seetal is one of the few companies who have booths and tint/mix rooms that have been independently tested and certified by a government-approved testing facility to the required standards.

nationwide service and compliance schedule.
"Seetal is your one-stop-shop for spraybooths, from simple crossflow to hi-tech bake ovens" says Terry. "We have built them all, the smallest was about 0.5 sq ft, to booths for painting aeroplanes and trains."


Collision Repair Association

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Electrical Contractors Association of NZ

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